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The Unauthorized Occupation of Patty Hearst



Act 1 - overture
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Act 1 - TQR

A hidden “before-the-play-begins” scene – covertly putting two competing versions of reality in motion


0 - 0

Act 1 - Trivial T

Participants, witnesses and the media reenact sound-bites for a historic overview of the strange ordeal

The Question Remains

1 - 1

At her parents’ home, before her kidnapping, Patty and her parents sing of their ordinary-world problems

Trivial Trivial Things

1 - 2


Patty sings a universal-teenager song about her uncertain identity in her family and in the world

Caught Up In Between

1 - 3


An Unexpected Knock 

Patty’s live-in fiancé Steve delivers cautionary advice

1 - 4

Taken Pt 1

Patty’s violent abduction plays out “silently” in slow-motion – scored by a gentle instrumental…

Taken (Part 1)

1 - 5

Taken Pt 2

…the violent abduction replays in real-time, in pitch darkness with terrifying gun fire and screams

Taken (Part 2)

1 - 6


Patty’s parents react to the news of their daughter’s kidnapping, colliding in an up-tempo duet

Level-headed Adrenaline

1 - 7

Dream Freedom

My Dream of Freedom

Patty and Cinque sing a captor/captive duet of their mutual-yet-contradictory ambitions for liberation

1 - 8

SSO p1

Stop Start Over (Part 1)

1 - 9

Patty is forced to record her own audiotape ransom note listing the SLA’s unattainable demands


The Madness of Rainbows

Mr. Hearst explains how “a perfect world” is one of the most horrible things ever demanded

1 - 10



1 - 11

The SLA deconstruct and reprogram Patty’s mind as she struggles to hold her soul inside


The SLA slips Patty LSD, sending her on a vertiginous psychedelic journey with dark passages

Drop Through The Sky

1 - 12

Ghost Closet

Ghosts in The Closet

1 - 13

Patty encounters her dead grandparents who offer cryptic clues for her survival and redemption

SSO p2

Stop Start Over (Part 2)

1 - 14

The SLA’s unattainable demands are spelled out in a new audiotape ransom message

Unexpectedly thousands of people line up for the free-food ransom – and the situation escalate into a riot

Troubles of This World

1 - 15


As the riot unfolds in slow-motion, a figure steps forward and sings to Mrs. Hearst of class inequality

The Poor Are Pawns Again

1 - 16

SSO p3
All But 1 Thing

The world reacts to a new SLA audiotape while an outrageous proof-of-life Polaroid of Patty is staged

Stop Start Over (Part 3)

1 - 17

Am I only Today

All But One Thing

Patty chooses survival, completing her mind-controlled transformation into a militant revolutionary

1 - 18

1 - 19

Am I Only What I Did Today

Patty robs a bank, wielding a military assault-rifle and crosses the point of no return             



TQR Repris


2 - 1

The Question Remains (Reprise)

Outside the Hearst home the media speculates, public opinion turns sour and the mystery deepens

Come Back

2 - 2

Come Back

Mr. Hearst helplessly revisits a dream where a 4-yr-old Patty is taken away by an apocalyptic storm

Mother's Nature

2 - 3

A Mother's Nature

Mrs. Hearst blames the whole situation on herself


2 - 4

My Favorite Red Bedspread

In a fantasy flashback, 8-year-old Patty reinterprets her childhood to rationalize her present path

Good Girl

2 - 5

There Are Many Ways To Be A Good Girl

Patty rescues two shoplifting comrades with zombie-like programmed reflexes and a spray of gunfire


2 - 6

Revolutionaries Man 

When Patty and the SLA carjack a teenager, he’s delighted to be joyriding with his famous captors

As If I Never

2 - 7

No Going Back Now

The world watches on live TV as the SLA are burned alive – Patty realizes the FBI wants her dead

2 - 8

As If I Never Was At All

After his death, Cinque exposes his humanity as he concedes the regrets of his unfulfilled dreams

The Road

2 - 9

The Road

Patty and the surviving SLA members travel onward in a brief interstitial vignette


2 - 10

The Year of Missing You

Mr. and Mrs. Hearst endure a year-long stretch of aching uncertainty as Patty drops off the radar

Monday Morning

2 - 11

Monday Morning Through My Eyes

During a bank-robbery, a murder victim rebukes romanticizing outlaws and glamorizing violence             


2 - 12


The FBI arrest Patty, igniting a media frenzy and giving her parents new hope

Shrink Intake

2 - 13

Shrink Intake

Five  psychiatrists send Patty on a journey of self-reflection – she narrates two intertwined trains of thought

Places Everyone

2 - 14

Places Everyone

Bailey’s vainglorious rehearsal for the trial reveals his corrupt agenda that outrageously parallels the SLA's

Trials + Errors

2 - 15

Trial and Errors

In the courtroom, Patty's bank robbery defense of “mind control” is mocked by the team of Federal prosecutors…

But They Made Me

2 - 16

But Then They Made Me

…and rejected by the jury – who echo Patty’s feelings of being unfairly coerced 

Imaginary Girl

2 - 17

Imaginary Girl 

While escorted to prison, Patty laments that now she has no identity at all now – except the false ones put on her

Prelude to 11th Hr

2 - 18

Prelude to The Eleventh Hour

A prelude to an instrumental “11-o’clock number” contemplates the uncertainty of last-minute cliffhangers


2 - 19

The Silence of My Innocence

Patty refuses to betray her own innocence with a confession of guilt to reduce her sentence


2 - 20

The Eleventh Hour

An instrumental “11-o’clock number” transforms everything


2 - 21

The Hero of Our Own Life Story

Released from prison by President Carter, Patty has a life-changing insight into why

the jury condemned her – a compassionate awakening to the flaws and frailties of human nature

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IMAGINARY GIRL: The Occupation of Patty Hearst – book, lyrics & music © Leonard Dolivio Cetrangolo

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