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Patty sings a universal-teenager song about her uncertain identity in her family and in the world

Caught up in between

Just seems to be my role to play

Caught up in between

Feeling at home and castaway


But I don’t know why


It might be because

All the world’s a stage I’m goin’ through

Just my way spelled out in leaves of tea

Caught up in between

Between my free will and my destiny


It might be because

I was born into storytelling royalty

I feel like I’m always

Caught up in between farce and tragedy


Script in hand

Costume change

Change of scene

Memorizing who to be

Caught up in between

Reality and these stagecraft fantasies


Walking my lines

Walking my lines

Walking my lines


Walking my lines

Walking my lines

Walking my lines… walking the line

When I finally get myself together

With my performance

Anchored in my character

When I finally merge

My courage to act with my anxiety

When I finally separate me

From everybody’s she

I might be free

Til then I’ll just try to feel okay

Hold my complaints not disobey

Caught up in between

The urge to leave and the need to stay         


The audience is waiting

Wanting more to see

How I’ll improvise again and again

And again and again and again


Caught up in between

Who I’ve been and who I’m gonna be

MIDI - New/Revised PV Arrangement 

Caught Up In Between - Unknown Artist
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