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While escorted to prison, Patty laments that now she has no identity at all – except for the false identities forced on her

How strangely I’ve become  

A myth

A phantom scapegoat villain

Boiled down to a halting grainy image

I’ve become only

Who everyone

Imagines me to be


How slowly I’ve become    


Just a ghost’s reflection

In a mirror with no frame

Evaporating gradually

Leaving a counterfeit facsimile

How unreal it is to be

An imaginary girl


How clearly suddenly

I see

There’s so little left of me

Just a pale outline

I don’t know how to fit

In a puzzle where my edges never meet   

How surreal it is to be

An imaginary girl


Their made up minds

Their made up reasons

I’m just pretend to them

A fill-in-the-blank to them 


How oddly I exist  


In other people’s minds

Only in other people’s minds


I’m exactly who they think I am


An imaginary girl


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