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Patty’s live-in fiancé Steve delivers cautionary advice


There’s no tellin when
In random circumstances

While distracted or bored
Bad lucks’s roulette ball

Or its bingo call
Can without warning fall


It's so dang’rous sweetheart
To not be afraid of the dark

Or a seemingly insignificant

Unexpected knock at the door


Darlin’ unbearable strife

Can upturn your young life
Quick as a knife

When you hear that simple report


All heaven’s dread may lurk behind

An unexpected knock at the door


Your stars divine may realign

In patterns brutally unkind

Good fortune can set sail

Without you onboard

When you’re caught off guard

By a seemingly unmeaningful,

Oddly unforeseeable,

Innocently, unwittingly

Unpredictable knock at the door

It's so dang’rous my dear
When you’ve got nothin’ to fear

You see once unlatched

Horror can dart in

‘cause it slickly out-smarts

Your innocent heart


So darlin’

Whatever you do

Don’t forget

The reason doors lock

Is the other-side’s dark

An Unexpected Knock -

MIDI - New/Revised PV Arrangement 

MIDI - Unexpected Knoock PV 05.20 - Unknown Artist

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