The Unauthorized Occupation of Patty Hearst


STOP START OVER (Part 3)     (Act 1, Scene 17)

The world reacts to a new SLA audiotape while an outrageous proof-of-life Polaroid of Patty is staged

THE MADNESS OF RAINBOWS     (Act 1, Scene 10)


Mr. Hearst explains how “a perfect world” is one of the most horrible things ever demanded

THE YEAR OF MISSING YOU      (Act 2, Scene 10)


Mr. and Mrs. Hearst endure a year-long stretch of aching uncertainty as Patty completely drops off the radar.

MY DREAM OF FREEDOM     (Act 1, Scene 8)


Patty and Cinque sing a captor/captive duet of their mutual-yet-contradictory desires for liberation.

THE POOR ARE PAWNS AGAIN    (Act 1, Scene 16)


As the riot unfolds in slow-motion, a figure steps forward and sings to Mrs. Hearst of class inequality

AM I ONLY WHAT I DID TODAY      (Act 1, Scene 19)


Patty robs a bank, wielding a military assault-rifle...

...and crosses the point of no return 


With a career dedicated to the treatment of survivors of complex trauma, Dr. Harvey L. Schwartz discusses the substance and significance of IMAGINARY GIRL


Recorded at Nancy Hayes Casting Studio in San Francisco

THE HERO OF OUR OWN LIFE STORY      (Act 2, Scene 21)


Released from prison by President Carter’s order, Patty has a life-changing realization of why the jury condemned her – a compassionate awakening to the flaws and frailties of human nature

IMAGINARY GIRL    (Act 2, Scene 17)


While escorted to prison, Patty laments that now she has no identity at all – except the false ones put on her


A montage of images where each one represents a single scene and its plot point.

"Aren’t we all fighting a never-ending battle between who we are and who we are not?"

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IMAGINARY GIRL: The Occupation of Patty Hearst – book, lyrics & music © 2020 Leonard Dolivio Cetrangolo