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Mrs. Hearst blames the whole situation on her herself

It’s a mother’s nature

To second guess

I tried my hardest

To do my very best

Yet somehow

I plainly failed

To tend my nest


It’s a mother’s love

Strictly speaking

Don’t run

Stop slouching

Don’t talk while you’re eating

Get down from that tree

Yes you should no you can’t

With whom

Do you think

You are dealing


It’s a mother’s worry

That never rests

Fear of a fever

Concern for a cold

In the chest

And no matter the moment

We must always

Always know best


It’s a mother’s lot

To conspire and plot

To make certain rules

Not - be forgot


Good manners

Good grammar

Good grades

Good grooming

No backtalk

No boasting

No gum chewing

Keep a tidy appearance

Be a good sport

Don’t talk to strang--



...use the small fork


If only – if only – if only

Then maybe – then maybe – then maybe


It’s a mother’s hope

To balance hard and soft

When raising her cubs

When herding her flock

She‘s the tough-talking kind-hearted-boss

Who must make her little lambs good

Because good little lambs

Don't wander off

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